Forever, Michael

I guess you could say that, Michael and I go way back like penny candies and Tahitian Treat…I grew up in a musical household my mother would play records daily –during chores, when she was entertaining friends, or just because. My very first memory of Michael involves me in a frilly dress, singing Jackson 5’s “Rockin’ Robin”, listening to my mother tell stories about how many J5 concerts she’s attended –one of her favorites was one that was a concert and a carnival at the now defunct Capital Centre. It’s also safe to say that all the useless Jackson family trivia that I know; I inherited honestly from my mother.

Michael’s voice always lulled me –wrapped me up, serenaded me and brought me joy. I remember me and my elementary school friends (mostly female) would always celebrate August 29th aka MJ’s Birthday –all of us would bring in our favorite 7” to play in class. I was the daydreamer –still am– I wanted to emulate him in certain ways; so…I cut off all my hair, got a jheri curl (lucky for me my mother was a beautician), begged her to buy me the Beat It jacket and was decked out with glove, socks and penny loafers –oh yes, honey I was styling!    Not only did my mother surprise me with all the above in the bottom of the box was a pair of tickets to the Victory Tour (Score!!!!!!!). That concert will stay in my heart forever. I danced, cried, bonded with my mom..and probably dripped some activator on the person next to me; but it was all love…ALL LOVE!!

PS. OFF THE WALL …runs circles around THRILLER!!