EP PREVIEW: Natural Self – My Heart Beats, Remixes and Versions

Natural Self has cultivated an impressive anthology of beats in his latest EP, “My Heart Beats, Remixes and Versions.” Natural Self and some fresh talent deliver a well-rounded set of remixed samples from his 2009 LP “My Heart Beats Like a Drum,” wielding sultry scat vocals, bass-rich reggae tunes, dancefloor synths and heady atmospheric electronica.

Prince Fatty’s version of “Midnight Sun” layers on a sick and not over-stylized set of reggae beats, which get treated with a heavy dose of dub in the next track. The surprise on the EP is “Street Spirit”, Natural Self’s own reformatted version of the Radiohead song with a more mechanical feel. Natural Self also remixes “All Static” by throwing in tropical percussion rhythms and spacey synth noise. Jeremy Sole’s two takes on “Midnight Sun” feature the beautifully soulful, ethno-jazzy stylings of trumpeter Todd Simon. Sole’s “Sans Drums Remix”  lightens the mood by stirring in a clean pulse of steady drum beats, while “Moonstomp Remix” of “Midnight Sun” lays down some simple, but elegant rhythms that add a perfectly complimentary element to the original.  Kidkanevil takes on “The Origin” by keeping with the psychedelic dreaminess and throwing down fat drum and droid-esque electro bits. Elphino flips “The Origin” into more of dance number, garnished with jerky melodies and heady overtones. Lastly, YULT completely twists and turns “The Shock You Heard” in a fresh and unique blend of skills.

All in all, the sampling is decent preview of some natural talent and promise. I have to say, I think Jeremy Sole and YULT stand out the most on this EP. Sole adds something of a light, but clean and artfully-crafted bite to the mix and YULT displays some very keen and unusual originality. Keep an out for the new blood and make sure to check out the source, Natural Self’s 2009 album “My Heart Beats Like a Drum.”

Natural Self’s EP, set to release Aug. 16.