COUCH SESSIONS APPROVED: The Bobby Quine Experiment – Lucid Dreams EP

<a href="">Here for a Job by The Bobby Quine Experiment</a>

When Couch Sessions contributor JConda approached me a few months ago about his Bobby Quine Experiment, I was already excited. The ATL-based sonic afficinado has been making a reputation for himself with his Audio Relaxation Therapy emails in addition to his work in the studio with some of Atlanta’s best musicians.

However, the Lucid Dreams EP peeked my interest in another way. It’s inspired by Christopher Nolan’s hit film Inception however it was created months before the hype of the film.

This ain’t a hip-hop mixtape. It’s a true film score. Conda weaves together some luscious arrangements in such a way that no doubt creates a dream-like state. I’m almost mad that Nolan didn’t give him a call before scoring the film.

The official story:

Two months in the making, the Lucid Dreams EP is now available for free download. The five-song EP was inspired by the incredible world of Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

Using breakbeats, ambiances, acoustic and analog electronic textures, Lucid Dreams paints a picture of near futuristic heists and human introspection.

The Lucid Dreams EP is available to download for FREE at Bandcamp.


1. Here for a Job
2. Architects
3. Arcology
4. The Effects of Somnacin
5. L ‘ombra