Buggin’ for Belleruche: Podcast and Single Now Available

Belleruche is probably my most treasured find of 2010. I am completely enamored with them due to their awesomely infectious first single “Clockwatching” which is off their soon to be released third album, 270 Stories (released via Tru Thoughts).

Comprised of vocalists Kathrin deBoer, guitarist Ricky Fabulous and turntablist DJ Modest, the UK group evokes such an aura of sophisticated cool (with the beats and vocals to back it up) that I have pretty much been on pins and needles waiting for whatever is next from the dope trio.

Lo and behold today is the day that “Clockwatching”  is finally available on vinyl and download  – with the flip-side of the 7″ including a dope-ass dub version of “Mirror in the Bathroom”; a song that was originally recorded by the 1970’s ska band The Beat. Also available for stream or download is the Belleruche podcast featuring “a selection of songs that the trio think sound damn fine at 9pm on a Tuesday’. The podcast includes songs from artist’s such as the White Stripes, Prince, Tom Waits, The XX and even Belleruche themselves. It’s very hot. Trust me, I’ve already listened to it a gang of times.

Although Belleruche has been in the game for a while now, I have a feeling that the time is coming for them to really blow up and I will without a doubt be copping their full album when it drops in October. Check em out at www.belleruche.com.