Album Preview: Bara Bröst – Elephancycle

Photo courtesy of Bara Bröst MySpace page

Cool as ice and red hot!

In anticipation of their forthcoming BBE Records album release “Elephancycle,” Berlin producers Benjamin Quint and Markus Schwarzbauer have teamed up as “Bara Bröst” (which oddly enough means “just breasts” and the interesting meaning of which is fully explained on their MySpace bio) and have released two sneak preview tracks which are red hot on one and cool as ice on the other.

There are two tracks on the preview release.  The first “Fraulein Lea” is the “cool.”  It starts off with a thumping bass line and some melodic guitar surrounded by a mid-tempo dance beat.  Periodically, a breakdown section intervenes with some vocal samples and some very rapid acoustic guitar strumming which then turns into an improvisational and bluesy melody.  Then, a jazzy saxophone part builds on the guitar and dance beat along with a more varying bass part to make for a delightful musical ensemble.  I got a bit of a St Germain vibe from this track, which is quite a compliment from me since I believe he is the premier producer of dance tracks incorporating jazz elements, yet Bara Bröst still produces a sound that is uniquely their own.

Photo courtesy of Bara Bröst MySpace page

Another thumping bass intro (according to their bio this is a trademark of theirs) kicks off the HOT Madame Mila.  Some jazzy synth adds off-notes to the beat.  My favorite element of this track was the frenetically paced piano that was mixed in with very fast Roaring Twenties/Charleston-type sounding horn parts (trumpet, trombone, and even clarinet).  There are even some breakdown sections that seem to be direct samples of music from that era.  It all builds and builds until the horn parts combine with the bass beat to form an insatiable dance groove that is quite unique due to the genres they are mixing.

If it sounds like there are a lot of things happening in these tracks that is because there are!  The multiple layers of sounds combine to form irresistible music you cannot help but dance along to. Definitely cannot wait for the album to drop!