Wonder What a “Detroit Summer” is Like?

Gritty. Raw. Confident.  All three of those equate to Invincible. She is a commando on the microphone and this up-coming release with Detroit power-house producer, Waajeed is nothing less than HOT. Detroit Summer was premiered as an exclusive on Hot 97 with Peter Rosenburg.  Thankfully something else on YouTube about Detroit other than “It’s So Cold in the D”.

All jokes aside, this track knocks and takes me back to a day in hip hop where the lyrics were as equally important as the track itself.  Detroit Summer paints a picture with sound. It is a perfect blend of  Invincible’s lyrics and Waajeed’s beat. There is a reason why I f*$ks with my man Waajeed and this track is one of those reasons.

We have all heard newscasters tell stories on/about Detroit; corruption, desolation. We surely remember Kilpatrick and will not forget little Aiyana Jones.

“A block party unites in spots where the shots are fired.”

Even in that desolation and destruction there is a community. Invincible and Waajeed “represent the future” of “urban renewal” in the hot Detroit Summer.

I am with Invincible when she asks:

“When did freedom ever come about from askin’ a Pharoah?”

This track is a first hand account of life in the ‘D’, from what it is, to the road of what it could be. The Detroit Summer single drops August 10th. Stay tuned for a full-length album from Invincible and Waajeed to be released in 2011.