VIDEO: K-Os – Zambony

by Couch Sessions

K-Os is someone I really think we need more of – I mean everyone’s probably heard I Wish I Was Natalie Portman by now, but I think the quality that is K-Os needs more attention. I just don’t think I hear about this guy from people as much as I should. Anyway, the video for Zambony off his latest album, Yes!, just premiered. Now the proliferation of this video online isn’t very present, meaning I wasn’t about to really find a high quality vieo but, still, here it is:

  • Tolita

    Absolutely agree with the author that we don’t hear enough about K-Os as we should. Esp. when you consider how some of his fellow Canadians get more attention than they should for churning out the same rap clich├ęs.

    Zambony is one of the best from an incredible album (plug, plug check out my review…and I think the video quality is just fine.

    Shalom, Miss T x