Time To Turn Up The Hot, Hot Heat

Hot Hot Heat – Goddess on the Prairie

[Audio: http://www.thecouchsessions.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Hot-Hot-Heat-Goddess_on_the_Prairie.mp3]

Hot Hot Heat’s a band that’s been around for a while. The Canadian alternative band had started out sometime in the late 90s and had their first single, Bandages, drop in ’03. Now almost a month ago, their fourth album Future Breeds was released to mostly decent reviews. Nothing outstanding or mind blowing apparently though they have always been described as catchy. And as of right now I just have a need to recommend their latest songs.

For a band that has been around for awhile, you would think I would get on their music a lot earlier, or at least hype it earlier like when their last album came out…. but I didn’t. Honestly, because I a few years ago I knew I didn’t really like them. I remember hearing some of Elevator and just I wasn’t feeling it. But taste changes with time, along with music. Which got me thinking – if I had listened to a musical artist I absolutely can’t stand as of today, at a different time, would I have ended up liking them? Regardless, this just happens to be the right time to turn up Hot Hot Heat, well at least for me, including some of their older stuff . I mean like I said, they have always been catchy. Taste,  musical or otherwise, is interesting that way.