The Couch Sessions Throughout the Years

As we set to celebrate our 5 Year Anniversary, we wanted to look back at the past few years of the site and show new readers our O.G. status. If you didn’t know, The Couch Sessions was an offshoot of political blog Article Online. After Bush won the 2004 election I decided (with help from my blogfather Jeff Davidson)  that I was done with politics and turned to my second love…music. I ran pirate radio in high school as well as college radio, in addition to booking bands like Vertical Horizon during those years, so I had the chops. And the nacent music blog scene and availability of the Internet made it ripe for an alternative to the mainstream music scene.

After a successful musc blogging stint at Article Online (we wrote about Amy Winehouse and Leona Lewis years before the mainstream caught on), we decided to launch our own brand, The Couch Sessions. It started with me and Dafna (aka Lady Glock aka Miss Hipstah) and Divynthought.

2007. A new graffiti font. A New Look. And a new tagline: “The redheaded stepchild of hip-hop blogging.” To be honest, we were trying to shake the “Hip-Hop” box which has followed us to this day.

By late 2006 we added the homie Jerome Baker III (of Better Than Yours) to the lineup. Some writers fell off but the vibe stayed the same.

By 2007 we were making a name for ourselves, having already interviewed such acts as Camp Lo and a budding Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. The site was redesigned with a sleeker look, and if you look closely, you see some of our favorite artists as a gently hidden in the banner.

2009 was the year that we experienced our fastest growth in readership. We’ve relaunched the site with a new logo and design (the iconic Couch in Headphones logo designed by my homie Dennis), and launched our Twitter account. We added a few more writers, including the homie Marcus Dowling and we were being mentioned in the breath of larger blogs like Nah Right and The Smoking Section.

Which brings us to today. What can you expect in the next 5 years? All will be revealed soon!