Single Review:Eternia and MoSS-”The Half”

<a href="">The Half by Eternia</a>

“The Half” is actually unique; that simple statement speaks volumes of the lyricist behind this single, Eternia. The rapper, originally from Toronto and now in New York, Eternia teamed up with Toronto producer MoSS in order to create her fourth and most recent full-length release, At Last. Throughout At Last MoSS produces beats that snugly fit Eternia’s pronounced style of rapping and her knack for spinning personal narratives into bona fide hip-hop. The song, “The Half,” is only one chapter from this strikingly autobiographical CD, but it is exemplary of Eternia’s abilities as a rapper, and MoSS’ production expertise.

The single “The Half” is possibly the only rap song that discusses and celebrates half siblings, and is archetypal of Eternia’s unique brand of music that pervades At Last. “The Half” shines a bright light on Eternia’s family life, the complications that often surround it, and her appreciation for everyone related to her. Lyrically Eternia can hang with the best of them, and “The Half” is a showcase of her ability. She ends her first verse discussing the feelings involved with half siblings, “One knew he was loved, the other not so much // and that hurts more than any bullet from a gun // papa was a rolling stone, what’s done is done” before entering the chorus which proclaims half-siblings’ importance and adds yet another well-executed facet to “The Half.”

With MoSS’ snare and reverb-heavy production to back her up, Eternia takes this unique concept for a song and produces a track that is both memorable and thought provoking.

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