Single Review: Rick Ross ft. Kanye West-Live Fast, Die Young

by Couch Sessions

With Rick Ross, anyone that has heard one of his songs knows what to expect: lyrics saturated with money talk. “Live Fast, Die Young” doesn’t stray far from this script.

This single, which is off of Rick Ross’ forthcoming album Teflon Don (Due out July 20), features two of the most successful contemporary rappers, is produced by two of the most sought after men behind the boards (Kanye West and No I.D.) and has hook-master Tony Williams singing the chorus. Despite the all-star cast of artists on the track, “Live Fast, Die Young” fails to be exceptional because of its unimaginative lyrics. All four minutes and thirty seconds of this song are about boats, cars, clothes, drugs, et cetera, et cetera.  While going on about expensive jewelry in his second verse, Rick Ross goes as far as to rap, “Look at Haiti, children dying around the clock n****, I’d send a hundred grand but that’s a decent watch n****.”  That line singlehandedly takes this track from being amusing to obnoxious.

On the bright side, the production on “Live Fast, Die Young” is unparalleled, the hook is infectious, Kanye pulls through with a verse that shows once again that he one of the best in the industry, and Rick Ross  continues to do what he does best. For me its stale brand of rap, but in light of the subject matter you might as well live fast, give it a listen, and decide for yourself.

  • cam

    “Look at Haiti, children dying around the clock n****, I’d send a hundred grand but that’s a decent watch n****.” Maybe Ross is just bold enough to tell the truth that others aren’t saying. lol. Many of us donated to haiti though we could still give more, or be working to make the world better, but we got all these things that we want to satisfy ourselves with first.

  • Jay

    +1 Cam. I think that was the best line of the whole song, and maybe the whole album. Anyone that’s ever heard that song will never forget that song or at least they won’t forget Rawse said it.

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