Review: Exile- Radio Bonus (Free Download)

Download: Exile – Radio Bonus

On this latest remix effort from Exile, there are some hits and misses.  Now the purpose of a remix album is sometimes to be a little more experimental in nature, but since the original “Radio” contained so many samples, this remix seemed a bit excessive.  Throughout this album there was way too much fiddling around with sampling to the point where it was distracting.

One of the “hits” was the well-done remix of Frequency Modulation. It is a great remix adding Tore & Ruste Juxx’s gangster-style lyrics to the original version that contained no vocals other than from samples and was a little more laid back than the hard hitting beat of the remixed track.  I also liked the quick opera/hip-hop mashup track “OPERAtor Radio.”  It was one of the first mashups including opera themes that I had ever heard.  Kudos to Exile on that one!

As an ambassador of the chillout scene, I enjoyed the downtempo tracks of this album and believe some of them could fit nicely in a chillout compilation.  The first track “So We Can Move” is a terrific, dream-like downtempo track. “In Love” includes a great standup bass groove, a light drum beat, and a dream-like repetitive chorus.  The synth-filled “So We Can Move- Pollyn Remix” was a nice ambient track that seemed out of place mixed in with all of these hip-hop remixes.  I also enjoyed “The Machine” which was a fun electronic dance track that featured a nice upbeat groove, simple bass line, and some nice work on the synth keys.  “GB” was another quick little bossa-style ditty which was a fun listen as well.

The misses were just a few.  Watch out for “Watch Out”  WAY too much sampling on this one.  Same goes for “Exbox Radio, “We’re All in Power,” and “Population Control.”  If you’re really into sampling, these tracks are right up your alley, but they just weren’t my cup of tea.  I like to focus on a groove and then listen to different elements, but some of the tracks had no discernible groove and were just filled with so many samples.

I think if the album were split up into two sides…one more experimental and one downtempo, I think it would have flowed better and could have been a bit more interesting of a listen.  I would definitely be interested in checking out more of Exile’s stuff to get a better sampling of his work than judging his work on this release.  You can get the free download here-

Keep Chillin’


Rating: 3/5

1. So We Can Move (Teebs Remix) – 02:44
2. It’s Coming Down (DJ Rhettmatic Remix) – 03:36
3. Population Control (Dibia$e Remix) – 02:15
4. We’re All In Power ft. Lessondary Radio (Von Pea, Donwill, and Elucid) – 02:46
5. Frequency Modulation (Marco Polo Remix ft. Torae & Ruste Juxx) – 02:53
6. In Love (Kan Kick Remix) – 03:34
7. GB (Radio Medley) – 02:19
8. Watch Out! False Prophet ft. ADAD & Johaz – 04:04
9. The Machine (DiViNCi Remix) – 03:09
10. In Tune Static (Mike Gao Remix) – 01:59
11. So We Can Move (Pollyn Remix) – 03:49
12. Exbox Radio (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) – 01:31
13. OPERAtor Radio (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) – 01:41
14. Forbidden Radio (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) – 01:29
15. I’ve Been Dreaming of You (Radio Reject – Bonus Cut) – 02:45