New Music: Rai Knight

Rai KnightPivotal

Cute looks? Check.

Musical chops? Check.

Great songs? Double check.

Detroit’s Rai Knight doesn’t have to rely on gimmicks to gain buzz. Within only a few days here name has been on the lips of every tastemaker in the music world. But instead of gimmicks, Rai is just making great music, as evident in the two tracks which have been circulating round the internet in the past few days.

And I see why. I’ve been enamored with Rai from the first 10 seconds of the track “New New”. There is just something organic about Rai that I haven’t seen in a new artist in a minute. I’m convinced that she’s the new posterchild for this new post-hipster world.

First off the track Pivotal, with its repetitive piano chords and 4/4 beat is just a great upbeat pop song, combining the left field and upbeat better than anyone can right now, and eschewing the “ooh look how trendy” attitude” that some new artists tend to aspire to.

An even better example is the track “New New”, another upbeat number, drawing traces of Miike Snow and Motown at the same time, all decked out with an addictive chorus–“Shake…Shake…Shake it off!”

Let’s face it. Rai has most certainly got next. It’s just excellent pop music. Look for her to be on the covers of magazines and headlining clubs within the next year.

[youtube OelDxGAeGWI nolink]