New Music: On the [sound] Waves of Oceana

[audio:|titles=Oceana – Cry Cry (Deichkind Remix)]

I like the sounds of tambourines, violins, finger-snaps and trumpets. Oceana has obliged me with all of these and more on her debut release Love Supply. Born of German and Martinique parentage, Oceana is a part of what I like to call a revisitation of the 60’s soul music sound. Oceana is reminiscent of the early Supremes but funked up with new gadgets, drum machines and instruments together to create an engulfing musical experience. Lauryn Hill started it all with Doo Wop (That Thing) and those who followed took it just a little farther. If you like Solange, the Noisettes or V.V. Brown and their throwback to that era then this is right there in that pocket as well. Lyrically, she  is simple and tells stories of everyday life, love… and debauchery. How yummy is that?  There is a bit of reggae, funk but that 60’s thread with clear vocals and real instruments is wholeheartedly there. Oceana is also blunt and very much to the point which can be a little strange melodically but nothing less than refreshing in music.

You are not the only one who’s going through some shit. It’s not my fault you made the choice to be somebody’s bitch.

Uhmmmm… my thoughts exactly.

Tracks that stand out for me are:

Bad Boy

As Sweet As You

Pussycat on a Leash

Love Supply

Check the video Pussycat on a Leash here!

Pussycat on a Leash