New Music: Lauryn Hill – Repercussions

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Lauryn HillRepercussions

Are we surprised that we get some new (or maybe unreleased) material from Lauryn Hill?

I mean, she is headlining the Rock The Bells tour next month, so I’m not surprised that she would drop some new music for the masses to drum up supp0rt for the gig. The track, Repercussions, sees Ms. Hill bringing back that lovely voice that we missed from Miseducation. Wther this is new or old, I’ll take it.

What do yall think?

  • Marcus Dowling

    Wow. I’ve been sitting back and watching this whole Lauryn resurgence with rapt attention. This year’s Rock the Bells is a great lineup as all of the classic emcees have all put out great efforts in the past two years. But this new Lauryn material sounds tired and boring. The voice (at least on this track), sounds revitalized. However, I know she doesn’t probably have a huge production budget, but the organizers of the Rock the Bells could’ve absolutely found any great number of top producers to lay down some quality production over her vocals and get some top notch mastered product out there. Quality control costs a little bit, but means everything. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Frankly, this is trash. Expecting a “greatest hits” montage set at RtB, nothing more, nothing less, and that’s fine.

  • Yvette

    I’ll take it too Stone!

  • Stone

    After a few listens I don’t think this is an official single. It has no true beginning, and it sounds kind of unmastered and rough. It’s most likely a demo recorded after Miseducation and it was leaked to generate buzz for the tour.

    Having that said, I like where it’s going. I needs more mastering and fine tuning but I’ve always been a fan of her voice and even with the sub-par track it stands out.

    Can’t wait for Rock The Bells…

  • jconda

    Thanks Stone.

    We all want to hear the L Boogie of 1998 again, but we won’t.

    Just as we’ll never hear the D’Angelo of 2000 or the Maxwell of 96-98 or the Sade of 1985.

    I mean…we all saw the unplugged jawn. There’s no coming back from that space.

    I just hope the sister is physically, mentally and emotionally healthy enough to knock cats on their backs during RTB.

  • jconda

    …man she is/was gorgeous.

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