New Music: Amber Mimz – Urban Romance Sessions

I am sure we have all noticed how this technology thing has changed our lives. I mean my MOM is texting me “I love you’s”. So you and I both know that ambiguous texts from a dude or some girl have graced the average inbox on more than one occasion. Something to the effect of …“LOL u so funny ily” or “I LUV U”, love spelled with a ‘U’ which connotes friendship over romantic love… right?

Well enter Amber Mimz to talk about, rather sing about those things that we are experiencing on the romance scene in the age of technological advancement.

On July 9th I was invited to a listening party for Urban Romance Sessions, Mimz’s latest independent release.  Tracks like 4head Kiss, Centrifugal Force and Urban Romance Ave put into perspective how modern day relationships have a foundation in technology, mixed messages and crossed signals. I know I have had my share of those (and I will talk about them in the relationship section… stay tuned). Coupled with the film project The Urban Romance Experiment with creative partner ChChCharlie Bates, Mz. Mimz is really making a statement on what it means to communicate these days. The native Washingtonian and Duke Ellington School of the Arts graduate asked a mix of people the question “What do you think of when you hear the term Urban Romance?” Mimz defined the demographic for this question concretely as those “living in an area with more buildings than trees.”  Her definition of romance on the other hand was less definitive, using words like “honest, sweet, plain, real, and whimsical”; which totally fit the nature of this EP.

Mimz’s voice embodies her description of romance. She sings about life as it has happened to her thus making her lyrics honest… sweet… plain… real… Get the picture? Urban Romance Sessions is a 7 song EP that Mimz penned and partially produced along with Platinum Sounds Production, and MEC Productions.

“It’s a collection of stories depicting the situations and experiences in the ideally romanticized life of dating and relationships. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s confusing, but most importantly its whatever you make it or allow it to be.

Mimz is another artist with a fresh take on the industry. There are quite a few “newbie’s” on the music scene that are breaking “rules” and setting new standards.  Amber Mimz is definitely a creative force to watch.

Take a look at the video… and ask yourself what do you think of when you hear the term “Urban Romance”?

Amber Mimz’s Urban Romance Sessions was released on iTunes July 30, 2010.

Urban Romance Experiment…Conclusion. from amber mimz on Vimeo.