New Music: Aleon Craft feat Nappy Roots – A Different World (Prod SMKA)

by Winston "Stone" Ford

<a href="">A Different World ft. Nappy Roots by Aleon Craft</a>

There’s a lot of stuff coming out of the ATL these days that have nothing to do with T.I. or Gucci Mane. The city has been on fire lately, seeing actsJanelle Monae and Big Boi get critical acclaim and B.O.B. top the charts. But the bench is deep on both the artist and the prodcition side. The underground is on it’s grind as well, as artists like Hollyweerd, Proton, and Aleon Craft continue to make their mark.

And that brings us to producer collective SMKA, who’s 808 series has been gaining steam throughout the Internets. Reciting everybody from Yelawolf to Pill, to the Nappy Roots, they have set themselves up to become the next generation of Southern producer talent. Forget what you hear on the radio, the cats infuse a more organic, blues sound into their production, and nothing demonstrates this better than the TV-theme song sampling A Different World.

Paring the venerable Nappy Roots together with new artist Aleon Craft was a no brainer. They bounce off of each other fairly well. This track is hands down one of the best hip-hop collabos I’ve heard all summer.

And if you’re in Atlanta, check the Atlanta Stargazing Tour, going on this summer.


  • mikey dubs

    great write up…atl making moves

  • Kid Captain Coolout

    I like how you guys put yall’s profiles on every post. And props to Stone for summarizing the situation. So many sites just put a music link up with no words or comments… makes me wonder if they even listened to the music. I like the way SMKA has been in-housing all of these A-Town artists. They’re almost like the Boys Club… taking dudes out of the streets and making musicians out of em.

  • Stone

    Much thanks my brotha. That’s what we strive to do here, because honestly, if I can’t manage to write a paragraph about your ish then it it really worth posting about??

    And yeah, SMKA is on the come-up.