Montreal Graf/Street Art 2010 – A Walk Down St. Laurent

mont_graf 34

This section of Saint Laurent  is one of my favorite in Montreal. Called “seedy” by tourist books, the 2 or 3 blocks of sex shops, tatoo parlors, and strip clubs bring some character to an otherwise boring downtown. The block, cemented by the cities largest concert venues, is a go-to hotspot during the Jazz Festival, and was packed with tourists, locals, and club-goers all last week. Unfortunately it seems like this area is about to get cleaned up Guliani style in the next year. Most of the owners of the buildings on the other side of the street have taken the money and run (except for a strip club which is still refusing to move even after being offered $1 million dollars), boarding up their buildings and moving elsewhere.

But instead of seeing raw wood, we are blessed with some of the best street art I’ve seen in a while. I’m still trying to track down some of the artists on this block. I know that some pieces are by the Crazy Apes Crew but I’m hoping our Montreal readers will fill in the rest.

mont_graf 22

mont_graf 24

mont_graf 23

I saw a few of those pieces around town when I was here. AMAZING work by La Paria Collectif.

mont_graf 44

mont_graf 43

This is actually an ad for an album. Amazing street marketing.

mont_graf 42

One of the best pieces of street art I’ve ever seen. Look at the attention to detail.

mont_graf 47

mont_graf 46

More work by the Crazy Apes Crew

mont_graf 55