Headphone Review: V-Moda Crossfade LP

Let’s face it. Your $9 earbuds from Radio Shack are becoming obsolete. But that’s a good thing. We spend so much time listening to music that we sometimes forget how valuable headphones are to the musical experience.

And the high-end headphone market–once reserved for audiophiles and recording studios–has taken off. First there were the Dres. Then the Roc Nation Aviators, and now V-Moda is getting in the game with their Crossfade LPs.

What’s In the Box?

For $250 there have to be some bells and whistles, and V-Mod

a steps up to the plate. In addition to the headphones, they include a The hard plastic carrying case is a good look while the Kevlar-reinforced removable canvas headphone cable is rather revolutionary. I’ve not yet had the cord tangle on me yet. Just remember to always have it on you or store it in the carrying case or you will be SOL.

There are not one but two cables. The second cable has remote control and microphone capability for use with most iPods and iPhones.

But is it worth the price? Let’s break it down…

Appearance – 4.5/5 The designers at V-Moda somehow created a very striking headphone unit while still making it low-profile at the same time. Unlike some headphones which almost look like it grows out the side of your head, the slab side cups create a slender look. It’s not as subtle as the Beats By Dre phones or as fashion forward as the Aviators but it stands out nonetheless.

Fit – 5.0/5 Very comfortable. These might just be the best feeling headphones I’ve ever had. The leather cushions really do a good job of providing comfort and there isn’t any irritation after hours of prolonged use. The ultra padded band provides much needed support at the top and the unit adjust to fit any type of head shape.

Sound – 3.0/5 The guys at V-Moda say that they consulted the worlds top DJs and musicians to craft the sound of their product. However, I found that I got ultimate sound experience while watching movies and not listening to music.

I really wanted to love the sound of these headphones, but it seemed like it was engineered to everything on the lower rungs of the musical spectrum. In other words, there was entirely too much bass, so much to the point that it would drag out other elements of the song. It wouldn’t be a problem if you had an EQ handy, but who has one of those?

Honestly my $18 Ear Pollution headphones do a better job of balancing bass and treble.

Listening to movies is an down right different experience however, with the V-Modas were able to bring out the best in action sequences and even documentaries.

On the plus side, the V-Modas do a great job at noise cancellation, and the sound is a lot crisper than anything else I’ve heard on the market thanks to their integrated sound drivers. Even with the bass, going to a lesser headphone made me notice the difference.

Value 3.5/5 – This is where things get tricky. Even with the gripes stated above, these headphones are a joy to own. They look good, sound good, and are light years better than the headphones you have in your possession right now. But are they worth the $249 price tag? It depends.

Compared to the the more expensive Beats By Dre and other high end Bose headphones, the V-MODA is a value. The noise cancellation better than anything I’ve heard before and the accessories, design, and carrying case give it the edge over its competitors. Apple lovers will love the iPod and iPhone integration as well.

If you have iPhone earbuds or Radioshack specials, then the price tag is more than off-putting. There are better headphones to upgrade to and I would suggest the Ear Pollution series from iFrogz.

The V-Moda Crossfade can be purchased through Apple’s retail stores, the Apple Store® (www.apple.com) and online at shop.vmoda.com.