Download: Naira x Sade – The Colour of Love EP

Nigerian born – ATL reppin’ MC/soul singer Naira just crept into my earphones via her awesome new FREE EP called “Colour of Love”. For you Sade heads of course when hearing an album titled ‘Colour of Love’ one may immediately think of her song, “Kiss of Life” (well at least I did). Sade was in fact for the most part the sole inspiration for Naira’s album.

“The Colour of Love” (produced by Atlanta producer J Haze) is comprised of  9 original tracks from Naira all with light to medium samples of some of Sade’s most inspirational and classic songs. A nice smooth blend of yesterday and today that is so definitely worth a listen or five.  Although Naira is a form of currency in Nigeria, for this delightful EP she’s not asking for any of it. It’s free and it’s innovative so download it NOW (here).