Album Preview: Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics

Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics – Electricone

Getting your doctorate in the study of ethnomusicology basically means devoting months and years to the research of foreign folk music, but if you are Dr. Lloyd Miller, it also means reinventing art.

Dr. Miller’s fascination with Eastern and Persian traditional instruments falls neatly into the metamorphosis of jazz transcending cultures. Dr. Miller’s affinity for jazz dates back to his 1960s LP Oriental Jazz, now a rare collector’s item, and his own 1970s jazz program on Iranian television, where he went by the name Kurosh Ali Khan. Combine that connoisseurship with the progressive UK collective, The Heliocentrics, who recently collaborated with Ethiopian jazz king Mulatu Astatke, and you have a very modern, yet antiquated union of jazz and something mystic.

Elelctricone, released as a sample of the upcoming Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics album, via Strut, is a delectable bit that I look forward to playing on an old record player, while cooking with overpowering spices in a cozy kitchen in a tiny apartment abundant with Persian rugs and aged wine.

For Dr. Miller, this new album comes as a late, but not too late, affirmation of his talent and foresight, as it took the refined palate and inquisitive appetite of BBC Radio jazz aficionado Gilles Peterson to pull Oriental Jazz up and out from a canopy of dust. Now, with graciousness, Dr. Miller’s fermented and ripe craft is put to well-publicized use. Learn more about Dr. Miller’s multi-instrumental discernment in the video below.

The full Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics album is set to release Aug. 3.