VIDEO: Internets Celebrities – Stadium Status

New York sports teams have had almost iconic status around the world. You won’t think twice seeing a dude in China rocking a Yankees cap or someone in London still talk about Patrick Ewing and the Knicks (I actually had this conversation–fascinating). Riding on a wave of good times, the people of New York (or the cronies and developers and greedy sports franchise owners) decided to build not one but two baseball stadiums as well as a new basketball arena in Brooklyn for the New Jersey Jets. Not to mention they’re shamefully trying to get LeBron to play for the woefully underperforming Knicks which is such a mockery it almost requires its own documentary.

My homies Rafi and Dallas Penn, aka the Internets Celebrities (of Ghetto Big Mac fame) are on the case about these new stadiums in their newest documentary Stadium Status. Check it:

Stadium Status from Internets Celebrities on Vimeo.