VIDEO GAMES: K-Murdock and Random Take on E3 in LA

Kyle Murdock is one half of Panacea, who just released their album 12 Step Program. Follow Kyle @NEOSONIX on Twitter. Random (aka MegaRand)‘s video game inspired album, Forever Famicom is in stores now.

Salutations good people! I’m back from my damn near 3 week hiatus and promise to get back on my blogging heavy beginning with this recount of my most recent excursion to LA for E3. So… where do i begin… well, being as though i took a bunch of photos on my iPhone AND i tend to write too much in my entries, i think i’ll let the following pics & video serve as highlights of what was undoubtedly a great experience!

First off, lemme introduce my “Player Two” on this journey- Random, aka the dope emcee i collaborated with to create the recently released Forever Famicom project. Ran and his longtime DJ, the homie DN3, made this trip even better as they, like me, are hardcore gamers & Hip-hop heads so who better to roll to LA with to see videogames and rock shows?!?

Speaking of shows, the above video is footage from our show from last Tuesday night at The Gallery Nucleus. Special shouts to Jerry from for filming it!

Last thing before i get to the good stuff, aka the actual pics of something video game-related; So, while attending this after party last Wed night, we ran into the one & only Kadeem Hardison bka “Dwayne Wayne” from “A Different World”. As you can see, i was pretty excited, but what had me geeking even more was finding out Kadeem is a BIG Panacea fan… naming our albums and all dat! Alright, enough about ME… as i finish unpacking & reflecting on E3 2k10, peep these pics so YOU too can salivate over what’s over the horizon for us hardcore gamers… and feel free to leave comments with your own captions as well.