VIDEO: Chris Brown at the BET Awards. What Did Y’all Think?

I’m no Chris Brown apologist.

As my homie Benhameen put it, if either one of us were to beat up our girlfriends, we would not be performing on the BET Awards, nor will we be having fans screaming to give us a “second chance” all over Twitter.

But I digress.

In fact, I’m glad that Chris Brown is slowly getting back into the limelight, and his tribute did MJ justice, and honestly, the only person who can come close to mimicing MJ (dance wise) is Chris. MJ’s moves were copied to a tee, and in the beginning I almost thought MJ himself were still alive. But in light of the dude’s past, was this tribute appropriate? What do y’all think?

Personally, I thought the light up suits were better than anything.