VIDEO: Chris Brown at the BET Awards. What Did Y’all Think?

by Winston "Stone" Ford

I’m no Chris Brown apologist.

As my homie Benhameen put it, if either one of us were to beat up our girlfriends, we would not be performing on the BET Awards, nor will we be having fans screaming to give us a “second chance” all over Twitter.

But I digress.

In fact, I’m glad that Chris Brown is slowly getting back into the limelight, and his tribute did MJ justice, and honestly, the only person who can come close to mimicing MJ (dance wise) is Chris. MJ’s moves were copied to a tee, and in the beginning I almost thought MJ himself were still alive. But in light of the dude’s past, was this tribute appropriate? What do y’all think?

Personally, I thought the light up suits were better than anything.

  • LondonD

    Everyone in America normally gets a second chance, unless you happened to kill someone (see OJ). I thought it was a sick performance, but for some reason I got a eerie feeling his agent was backstage clapping like a mad man when Chris Brown broke down. But from a performance standpoint…it was amazing. Can’t take anything away from the kid.

  • lila

    the boy can dance i tell ya.. but no amount of tributes would ever erase the memory of Rihanna’s face in that picture that got out to the midia. it’s easy to pretend to be a nice boy after the shit hits the fan.

  • @StellasKid

    Was cool I just couldn’t tell if his breakdown at the end was genuine or not but I guess I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…..

  • D

    Who are we to question whether his emotions were genuine or not. Change is in oneself, listen to MJ’s song, “Look in the mirror”. We all fall short of glory, that doesn’t excuse Chris Brown form his past but it doesn’t give us the exact right to admonish him forever either. I mean, we aren’t going off and examining the “model behavior” of Rihanna are we?? I mean, is this the same group of folks that turned a blind eye toward R. Kelly’s antics, now turning around and being judgmental toward CB??? Chris Brown did MJ justice, out of all the tribute’s we’ve seen, his was the BEST! Just leave it at that! Rest In Peace MJ!

  • lady gragra

    Most of my friends know my views on Chris Brown. I feel that yes, he made a mistake..but we shouldn’t continuously remind him of what he did. He knows! Anyway, thats a whole different conversation. I felt that his performance was awesome, and his breakdown was just that “HIS”, now the boy is a decent actor, but he ain’t THAT good. Things hit us all at different times…let the boy just be. Rihanna moved on..why can’t Chris.

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