Video Art: Hayaku – A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan

*Hayaku means ‘hurry up’ in Japanese.

A director by the  name of Ben Kremer filmed this amazing video while traveling throughout Japan in the Summer of 2009. Shot on his  Canon 5DMKII in locations such as Tokyo, Matsuyama, Imabari, Nagano, Gifu and Ishizushisan, the project which started off as a simple way to  capture the beauty of Japan turned into a breathtaking series of visuals highlighting the many different lifestyles and cultures that most people will never get the opportunity to see. The music is provided by an electronic Norwedian duo by the name of Röyksopp and an American post-rock orchestra called The Album Leaf.  You must check it out below and wait for the calm to take over.

Hayaku: A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.