Video 2 Peep: B. Rossi x jake troth – Gems & Rubies

Now that we are officially half-way through 2010 I’m just gonna go out there and say that I have been beyond impressed with some of the music I have come across (online) thus far. Like seriously, I am thoroughly convinced that the internet is indeed the most powerful distribution mechanism an artist can use and because of it, we no longer have to depend on TV and radio to discover some of the hottest shit out there.  

So now that I’ve gotten that out of my system here’s a case in point: This video recently found its way onto my computer screen and it comes from two guys who appear to be completely opposite but when they step into a studio,  hotness is made. The MC’s name is B. Rossi and truthfully, I had never heard of him until this song. He’s from Decatur, GA and for the most part is relevantly new to scene. jake troth (with a lowercase ‘j’ and ‘t’) is an unsigned electronica/pop vocalist from North Carolina and he made a light tremor online last year  when he released a dance remix to Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” that caught on to some of the blogs.

Well the two southerners somehow hooked up to create “Gems & Rubies” a beautifully produced hip hop/soul song that is kind of like some alternative-youngsta-twenty-ten- ‘best of both worlds’- type of ish. From the string arrangements to jake’s vocals to B. Rossi’s flow; it’s the perfect blend that just gets better everytime I listen to it. Peep it below.