(Unsigned) Artist 2 Peep: Jai Paul

[audio:http://www.thecouchsessions.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Jai-Paul-BTSTU.mp3|titles=Jai Paul – BTSTU]

There are so many new sounds of music out these days that I don’t even know how to categorize most of it. I try to go off whatever their Myspace page is hollering, but even still it’s hard to call. Case in point; this guy named Jai Paul. His music just made its way into my headphones and although his webpage states pop/hip hop, after hearing his song “BTSTU” I would just say it’s indescribably dope.

Jai  is an artist/producer who reps the UK and he definitely puts the ‘new’ in newbie. Most of his songs so far are only 50 second demos with the exception of “BTSTU”. Which is such a banger that if this is any indication as to what’s to his music will sound like – then he should have no problem (what-so-ever) finding a nice indie home to post up in very soon.  This joint is hot and becasue of it alone, I will most certainly be checking for whatever is to come next. Peep it below and also check him out at myspace.com/jaipaulmusic.