Three Reasons Why Devin The Dude is Hella Dope

by Yvette Travillian

I have a cool connection with DC and really respect the Go-Go scene here. They have always supported me. In fact I have a cool history with Backyard Band and I usually hang out with them every time I’m here. I’m going to an after-party with them tonight! -Devin The Dude

Now, I’m not too sure about this, but the phrase ‘your favorite rappers favorite rapper’ had to be coined with Texas MC, Devin the Dude in mind. Because for many rappers (and hip hop fans) in some way or another he really is their favorite rapper.  And although there are many reasons to list why Devin The Dude is in fact ‘hella dope’ here are my top three reasons why I will always be a huge fan.

1. His live show is superb:

Every music heads loves a live show and there’s nothing more sucky then when you finally see one of your favorite artist perform and it’s a total dud. This was NOT the case with Devin the Dude. I had the opportunity to check out his Suite 420 tour when it paused at the Rock n Roll Hotel here in DC a few weeks ago and man… what a tight show it was.  The Dude and his entourage arrived to a sold out venue packed mostly with DC locals and sprinkles of ‘other’ here and there. By the time the clock struck midnight Devin had yet to hit the stage and the crowd was both anxious and intoxicated but fortunately the DJ was bangin’ out mega hotness to keep us somewhat distracted (a ploy of Devin’s perhaps?). When he finally emerged he wasted no time lighting a blunt and hitting us in the head with every hot song he has recorded from past to present. For two hours straight he rocked it.  Non-stop. Literally. One of the most amazing parts about it was that he performed with such an honest intensity and enjoyment and his connection with the DC crowd was as obvious as the clouds of smoke filling the room. I was able to briefly catch up with him  after the show and he told me a little about his history performing in the Nations Cap: “I have a cool connection with DC and really respect the Go-Go scene here” he said. “They have always supported me. In fact I have a cool history with Backyard Band (one of DC’s most notable Go-Go bands) and I usually hang out with them every time I’m here. I’m going to an after-party with them tonight!” If you have the opportunity to peep his Suite 420 tour this summer ( he will be hitting up everywhere from Finland, Germany and Arkansas) I highly suggests you do so.

*Photos via Josh Sisk of the Washington Post

2. His career is successful although he is ‘underground':

There are many ways to define a triumphant hip hop career and somehow Devin (maybe inadvertently) has managed to define his by staying successfully on-top of the ‘underground’.  He started off as a member of the rap group the Coughee Brothaz who were signed to Rap-A-Lot (alongside Geto Boys) and later became a member of his label mate Scarface’s infamous Facemob crew –  which ultimately led to a solo career. He has released six albums to date starting with 1998’s The Dude to his recent Suite 420 – none which have peaked particularly high on the Billboard charts but many which have been considered classics by some of hip hop’s elite critics, MC’s and fans. His lyrics consists of simple rhyme play covering realistic topics such as keeping it peace, pushing through poverty in the hood , doing what ‘the f*uck you wanna do’ and smoking mad chronic; all told over laid-back beats perfect to ride to. He continues to sell out venues all over the world and remains widely relevant in an industry filled with young digital faux-hipsters and robotic pop-stars. This is something that is much easier said than done.

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Devin The Dude – Doobie Ashtray

3. He is so darn nice:

Catching up with Devin The Dude after an show isn’t the easiest task in the world. After a:  two hour performance in a tightly packed- hot-azz club,  an indefinable amount of consumed blunts and a rack of  groupies, band-aids and potheads throwing themselves at him, Devin was so unbelievably kind and willing to pull back from the madness and take a picture with me and my girl. Smitten we were which is why this photo will remain a fixture in both of our cribs until we are both little old ladies still rockin’ to his beats. Name well deserved!

*And as an added bonus, he shares the name of my other favorite dude, The Dude

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