THE READ: Madlib in LA Weekly

Read: The Madlib Mystique (LA Weekly) via Stone’s Throw

According the homie Kevin, getting Madlib on the cover of LA weekly took over a year. And then, after that long period of time, there were still difficulties, but finally the reclusive producer/rapper/genius is tracked down for an interview–his first in the US in four years–and it’s well worth the wait.

In addition to releasing 10 albums this year, Madlib will be working wtih Kanye West on his upcoming album, as well as dropping more Madlib Medicine Show mixtapes along the way.

“The equipment doesn’t matter, it’s the vibe you put into it. If music sounds good, music sounds good…”

“When Dilla was alive,” says Wolf, “he would always say that Madlib was the best. Neither was very talkative, so when they’d get together they’d sometimes just grunt to communicate. It was almost telepathic.”

Madlib: “Dilla was a John Coltrane–type dude. He was always on a higher level than me. He inspired my music to become looser and more soulful. If you look at our beat tapes, you can see when I went in his direction, and when he went in mine.”

“I do it for myself and for like-minded people. Half the time I don’t know why I make what I do.” He flashes a Loki-like smirk. “I’d do this if no one was listening. I’m stuck. I’ve got the curse.”