Songs For Summer Nights: Benny Tones -Nevermind Feat. Mara TK

 I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels some sort of deeper connection to music on a hot-azz summer night. There’s nothing like the coolness of a low to mid-tempo song to fight off the mugginess that surrounds you while also helping to ease the thoughts. And with the earth tilting its axis closer and closer to the sun as the days go by, my hunt for new chill tunes have turned me into a mad woman.

Meet Benny Tones, a name that may sound familiar to those who are fans of the New Zealand group, Electric Wire Hustle. Benny was the producer, DJ and sound engineer to EWH and now he has released his own album called Chrysalis via the NZ  label, Waking Hours Records

I’ve listen to his album via his Myspace page and though many of his songs are worthy of a late evening spin, “Nevermind”  featuring fellow New Zealand native Mara TK is a definite starry night stand out. It gives you a just the right amount of soul, funk and jazz  making it a definite repeat in my speakers this summer. Check it out below.


Benny Tones – Nevermind Feat. Mara TK