Single Review: Kid Cudi – REVOFEV


We all know that Kid Cudi likes to cruise in his own lane. While Drake and other rappers from the Class of ’09 chase fame and fortune, Cudders is  comfortable sitting on his couch, rolling a blunt, probably watching World Cup.

This aversion to the typical hip-hop traits has made him fans and haters at the same time. I’ve respected Cudi for sticking his middle finger to what hip-hop should sound or look like (even though his debut album was a stinker), so I’m not surprised that his “first single,” REVOFEV continues this trend.

If this single is any …, Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager will follow up exactly where the first album left off–Cudi’s monotone voice half singing over dark dreary instrumentals. The lazy drumbeat (produced by his g0-to guy Plain Pat with help from legend Larry Gold), spooky choir, and Cudi’s line “Where will you be for the Revolution?” almost sound like a 2000s version of 60s psychedelia, which wildly appropriate since he was found with liquid cocaine and PCP earlier this week.

Say what you will, but Cudi makes some solid tracks when he’s focused. Though emo-hop is a fledgling genre, Cudi is insistent on carrying the flag.