Review: Quadron at Liv Nightclub, DC

What can we say about Quadron that has not already been said?

The duo of Coco and Robin have been making the rounds in various tastemaker circles, and they have been winning fans from New York to LA. Their gentle blend of soul and electronica have perked the ears of such magazines as Okayplayer, Filter, and URB. And last week it was DC’s turn to experience what others across the country–and across the world–have been realizing.

On June 23rd, Quadron played in front of a small–but spirited–crowd at DC’s venerable Liv nightclub. The audience–ranging from the musically curious to true fans of the band–were graced with 45 minutes of amazing R&B.

The heart of Quadron is Coco. Draped in a flowing white blouse, she commanded the stage like a true soul diva, she won over the crowd with her amazing intro to “Pressure,” and her soulful rendition of the track “Slippin.” But what really amazed me is her versatility–going from one track to another, switching vocal ranges without breaking a sweat. Her renditions of such tracks as “Average Fruit,” and “Far Cry,” were near album perfect. And her Scandinavian humor was evident when she joked that she didn’t know that word “Umpatient,” did not exist in English, and her “I’m gonna take y’all to church!” which got the crowd going.

In a conversation with the other half of the duo–Robin, who did not take the stage as he runs sound in the background–talked about how even though Denmark and the US have a common love of soul music, our countries are cut from a different cloth. This is one of the reasons why Quadron–and fellow soul pioneers Little Dragon–have been accepted in this country, especially soul-heavy cities like DC. They zig when the norm says to zag. They aren’t as focused on playing the same few chords as the artist before them, and through that, they have  infused life into to a dying soul genre.

Just as quickly as they started, their time in DC came to a close. At the end of the night, Quadron made their fans love them more, and won over the skeptics. As the line for autographed CD’s got thick, I reassured everyone that DC will be a huge market for the group in the future.

If Quadron just so happnes to be in your town, don’t hesistate to go. And if you need any further encouragement, I would direct your attention to the videos below.