Nightlife: Prince drops by PROPS

Rich Medina, Selwyn Seyfu Hines

Yo so check it!! I went to NYC for some much needed R&R, but between catching the Roots at the Highline Ballroom and all the other various dope events I hit up, rest and relaxing were a figment of my imagination.  First, I headed to hear Waajeed of PPP/Bling47 spin at il Bagatto in the LES (make sure Michelle makes your drinks!!) the set was fresh but I still had ants in my pants and needed to dance.

So, I decided to head to the best thing popping in NYC on a Wednesday night, PROPS which is Dj Rich Medina & Akalepse weekly party at Le Poisson Rouge.   The vibe in the room was right, the music on point; Cosmo Baker, photographer Rameen Gasery, Waajeed and Adrian Younge & Loren Oden of the Black Dynamite Sound Orchestra were in attendance and then I was told that PRINCE was about to drop in, low and behold I look to my right and he’s standing right next to me; he looked at me, we gave each other the head-nod (I geeked on the inside) then he strutted through the crowd to the DJ table; after which he greeted the Dj’s, took a once over the crowd and strutted his badness out the building.

This was brought to you by the letters O M G and the number 1!!!

Thanks to Rameen Gasery for supplying the photos!