New Music: The DestRoy Ayers

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Although Baltimore might be known more for its club music, there has always been a home in the Charm City for underground hip-hop. It might be a little harder to find, but it’s there. Actually, B-More’s electronic background actually compliments hip-hop very well, and the two sounds are sometimes interchangeable. Take the duo of The DestRoy Ayers, who combine Tech, Soul, Hip-Hop, Dub-Step and everything in between.

The DestRoy Ayers are gearing up for some dope projects in the future, and their 50s horror-noir theme (not to mention the play on words) might be one of the most creative things to drop in the DMV. Check it:

Hold On Tight

DestRoyAyers HOLD ON TIGHT by DestRoyAyers


DestRoyAyers LAUNCH by DestRoyAyers

  • D Brown

    OMG finally some new music!!!

  • Rela13

    When does it drop??

  • josh stevenson

    Joel is my twin brother and Morgan is my older brother and through all the years I hav known them I never knew they were so talented! “YOUS GISE” music is creative, professional, and from the soul. The music game needs something new and freshhh, the DestRoy Ayers has proven to me time and time again that they are equipped this challenge! KEEP YOUR INTEGRITY, AND REMEMBER YOUR MORALS AND SKY IS THE LIMITS! LUV YALL lil bro Josh

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