New Music: The DestRoy Ayers

Although Baltimore might be known more for its club music, there has always been a home in the Charm City for underground hip-hop. It might be a little harder to find, but it’s there. Actually, B-More’s electronic background actually compliments hip-hop very well, and the two sounds are sometimes interchangeable. Take the duo of The DestRoy Ayers, who combine Tech, Soul, Hip-Hop, Dub-Step and everything in between.

The DestRoy Ayers are gearing up for some dope projects in the future, and their 50s horror-noir theme (not to mention the play on words) might be one of the most creative things to drop in the DMV. Check it:

Hold On Tight

DestRoyAyers HOLD ON TIGHT by DestRoyAyers


DestRoyAyers LAUNCH by DestRoyAyers