New Music (That Jive Doesn’t Want You to Hear?): Big Boi – Lookin’ For Ya Feat. André 3000

So the word around the interwebs is that there was/is some apparent beef between Big Boi and Jive about this song making it onto the final cut of Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (which it didn’t). Jive didn’t ‘know what to do with it’ (WTF is that about?) and in a way they set out to make it disappear. HA! Some of those guys over at the ‘big’ labels are so funny. Still thinking that’s possible in 2010. Silly record label execs.

Anyway, suffice to say Big Boi is pissed and confused; a fact he let be known to GQ Magazine. But fortunately for us MP3 heads the song mysteriously leaked onto the net yesterday and although the thought of a major still not being able to grasp the concept of the digital revolution still angers/puzzles me, just seeing the names Andre 3000 and Big Boi on a song together is a great  enough distraction for the moment.

“Lookin’ For Ya” is an awesome treat for an Outkast fan. It is produced by Boi Wonda and also features Sleepy Brown which together makes up the crew that laced us with “Playa’s Ball” .  It’s innovative hip hop and man… André sure knows how to ride that beat well. Peep it below and to read what Big Boi had to say about his tiff with Jive click here

[audio:|titles=Big Boi Feat. Andre 300 -Lookin’ For Ya]

Big Boi – Lookin’ For Ya Feat. Andre 3000