New Music: More M.I.A. Steppin’ UP!

Photo part of Complex June/July

M.I.A.Steppin’ Up


Here we go, M.I.A. with another new track.  This one is confirmed to be on her latest album, /\/\/\Y/\ and looks to be her third single after Born Free and XXXO. Steppin’ Up doesn’t sound like a banger at first, but within a few second the beat builds to something more familiar with her previous work with its own original twists of course. Maya brings the power power tools, drills, fireworks? and the tribal drum beat down hard on this one. From the past few tracks that we have seen from 2010’s M.I.A. this seems to be the best so far. And maybe that sounds familiar from the last post about a new M.I.A track, but the way I see it, getting better with every new song isn’t a bad thing at all.

/\/\/\Y/\ Tracklisting:

1. The Message
2. Steppin’ Up
4. Teqkilla
5. Lovalot
6. Story Told
7. It Takes a Muscle
8. It Iz What It Iz
9. Born Free
10. Meds and Feds
11. Tell Me Why
12. Space

(And right now there are rumors of bonus tracks of course on the album’s different editions, yet to be confirmed tracks include Internet Connection, Illygirl, Caps Lock and Believer)