New Music: Dr. Dre Feat Jay-Z Under Pressure

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Dr. Dre Feat Jay-ZUnder Pressure [Tags]

is the wait over? I’m still not going to say that Dr. Dre’s Detox actually exists until I have a physical copy (yes, physical copy) in my hand, but this track is at least providing evidence that Dre has been in the studio working on something for the past 10 years.

But is this the comeback track that was worth the wait? Hardly. Jay kinda bodies this beat tho.

  • @Stellaskid

    A decade-long wait for that??! It ain’t wack but color me (WAY) underwhelmed….

    BTW: Is that really the cover? Sh-t is HORRIBLE….

  • Stone

    Yeah, it definitely lacked the “aww snap!” factor that Kanye had when Power dropped. I have a feeling that Detox is going to be underwhelming at most.

    Jay goes IN on the beat tho…his best verse in years.

    And yeah, I don’t know if the cover is official but it’s been floating around for a few months now.

  • JConda

    Not. Hot.

    It will be IMPOSSIBLE for Detox to live up to the hype, especially if it’s coming at us like this.

    Knowing Dre tho, it’s probably the reason it hasn’t dropped. Dude is a perfectionist. Waiting to google his reaction to this leak. He’s probably be ready to take heads for this…

    Wonder what’s stopping this dude from walking outside his element, I mean, this is Dr. Dre we’re talking about. Jay-Z? Horribly predictable and cliche. How about Thom Yorke? Portishead? Bjork? the London Symphony Orchestra?

  • MaBinti Yillah

    I’m disappointed. This was awful. The production was mediocre at best. Hopefully, this is just one of those unfinished or testers because I’m just disappointed. Then again, that’s what happens when you’re a groundbreaking producer and trendsetter.

  • Yvette

    I highly doubt this song was meant to be dropped as a first single for-real. There is no way because this song is very shiteous. This must be something that was meant to drop during the “Been There Done That” or the “Ring-Ding-Dong” era. Remember that whacktastic ish? It’s a joke and I will keep telling myself that until I hear something HOT from him.

  • @StellasKid

    You know what: a day later I’m still underwhelmed and expected far more from Dre and Jay-Z, especially after making us wait a decade but in 2010 this might go hard in the clubs. Of course, that’s not saying much for the state of hip hop in 2010.

  • Jim Stack

    i dont like the track at all. i hope detox will sound better than that !!

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