New Music: Crystal Fighters Take On the Summer

Crystal Fighters – In The Summer

Crystal Fighters is a relatively new group emerging more and more in the UK dance/electro music scene. Gaining steam last year from a couple singles, their lined up to play at a lot of summer festivals across the pond. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy their latest, very appropriately titled In The Summer. Now, this is the first I’m hearing of the band, and among the dissonance of electro, bass and vocals that start the song  In The Summer hit me as a pretty interesting experience. Crystal Fighters also describe themselves as incorporating elements of Basque music, something I’m not at all familiar with but that’s not something you hear every day. ‘Basque country’ is a particular region that encompasses Spain and southern France. Entranced by Basque folklore and music, Crystal Fighters apparently also got their name from part of a Basque opera. Anyway, connoisseur on Basque or not, check out this band, with their debut album yet to drop Crystal Fighters are bringin’ it this summer.