New Music: Cee-Lo Green – Georgia

Most of y’all know that Cee Lo was supposed to put out an album waaaaay back in 2006 with LA producer Jack Splash called The Heart Attack. Flush off of his success of Gnarls Barkley, there was significant buzz for the album but it all but disappeared from the landscape.

Now it’s 2010 and Cee-Lo album rumors have resurfaced again. This time, however, there is more truth to the matter as he released a new track, titled “Georgia,” this week. The the album The Lady Killer is a definite go and it contains new songs as well as some tracks from the previous Jack Splash project (I was told).

I’m digging this track. I know Cee-Lo’s solo work has not caught on like it should have but this song sounds like a winner. (via SoulCulture)

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