Levis Pioneer Sessions: John Legend & The Roots – Our Generation

John Legend & The Roots – Our Generations


The  iconic denim company Levi’s, recently enlisted a dozen influential musicians of different genres to help launch their 2010 Pioneer Sessions, a platform used to showcase ‘pioneering’ artists interpreting a song that has inspired their sound  (all which are available as a free download).

Last month we told you about the first release which was from veteran rapper Nas, who did an awesome job re-creating the hip hop anthem “Hey Young World” originally done by Slick Rick. Since then everyone from Raphael Saadiq,  The Shins Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat have stepped into the booth to record their versions of  a classic.

The latest installment currently available comes from John Legend and The Roots who do a cover of song called “Our Generation” which was originally recorded from a Louisiana soul singer named Ernie Hines.

Legend and The Roots’s modern interpretation of “Our Generation” retains the all of the authenticity of the original track: It gets funky from the outset, with big fat brass and an ice cold keyboard vamp, inspirational backing singers and a particularly gritty vocal by Legend who reiterates Hines’s 40-year-old message about making the future better by “getting rid of all the hate.”

John Legend and The Roots are also gearing up for their soon to be released collabo album Wake Up! which will drop September 21.