In Case You Missed It: Ryan Leslie – Promise Not to Call

by Yvette Travillian

I must admit that my Ryan Leslie repertoire is somewhat on the sparse side. I completely missed his entire self-titled debut album craze and only became ‘aware’ of him when he dropped his sophomore LP Transition –  and my attention was only sparked due to one track; the ridiculously hot “Promise Not to Call”. 

We have all heard the song about a ‘relationship hitting a brick wall and two lovers having to come together and amicably agree to split’, but I doubt you have heard it like this before. Ryan makes a break-up sound so deliciously sweet from the opening bass-line to literally every vocal he breathes out. I’m going to say that this track is R&B perfection and I’m very surprised that it hasn’t been released as a single.

“Promise” is a nice introduction for those of you (who like me) haven’t officially jumped on the RLes bandwagon yet but have a deep rooted love for soul music. Talent is there no question about it and I will be curious to see what comes next from him. Peep it out below:

Ryan Leslie – Promise Not to Call

  • jconda

    We are kindred spirits on this joint. I first saw his “Making Of…” video for it and I was like…what’s this dude on? Unfortunately nothing else he’s created has struck me the same way. Classic, textbook R&B right here.

  • jconda

    …kindred with you Ms. Travillian…not R Les. No twist’ation :)

  • SM

    i’m clearly lost as to why rles hasn’t blown up. His albums are insane, basically every track deserves multiple listens. Sure his voice may not be ursh/ne-yo level, but he can put together a bangin’ track and dude’s got some pipes.

  • Stone

    Hmm….I’m with SM. I think the dude is a genius. “Addiction,” and “You’re Not My Girl” are better than almost any R&B song out there and I’m surprised his solo work hasn’t gotten more shine.

    Is it because he’s Harvard Educated? Cause he was with Cassie? Who knows.

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