DOPE SITE: 6 Degrees of Black Sabbath

Link: 6 Degrees of Black Sabbath

We all know about 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, the phenomenon that was popular in the late 90s, but what about music? Well, surprisingly in the music world,  Ozzy’s Black Sabbath is the musical equivalent to Kevin Bacon, working indirectly with pretty much everybody in the industry at some point. Enter the 6 Degrees of Black Sabbath.

Check out the site and play around with it. Even though it’s more than “6 Degrees,” some of the combinations are striking–6 steps for Soulja Boy vs 11 for Wale–and its interesting to see how music forms that you never thought about are more closely connected than we think. It also shows you how small the industry is, but that’s another story. (via Shoshana)