DC: Michael Jackson is Still Alive Happy Hour at U Hall

Michael Jackson Is Still Alive @ U Hall

DJ Bis | James Nasty | D Painter | Harry Hotter | Chris Nitti

5PM – 10PM | FREE

Join True Genius Requires Insanity alongside Delaware’s DJ Bis, Baltimore’s James Nasty, and DC’s Harry Hotter, D Painter and Chris Nitti for a special happy hour event paying tribute to a man who made life through music. We will celebrate Michael Jackson from 5-10 PM at the only place we know truly capable of presenting the voluminous beauty and everlasting soul of his music in the best light, U Street Music Hall. The event will be free, and we welcome literally everyone to come and enjoy music by, regarding, inspired by or sampling the King of Pop, and maybe even with his music making him an everlasting presence of supreme musicality, the King of Music itself.