Artist 2 Peep: The Good Natured

I am always on the listen-out for a dope alternative female vocalist. Tracy Thorn, Esthero, Yukimi Negano, Anna Wise, Jack Davey and Imogene Heap are just a few of my favorite ladies whose  left-sided vocals can totally make my eardrums swoon. And now I can happily add a new name to the mix: Her name is Sarah McIntosh but she goes under the alias The Good Natured – and her voice and music are as uniquely odd and captivating as her entire steeze.

So here’s deal with the Good Natured; she hails from the UK  and her music can be described as electro-pop with an 80’s synth like twist. Although still in her late teens Sarah released her debut EP Warriors at the end of 2008 but is now on the cusp of explosion due to her recent single (and its remixes) that hit the nets a couple of months ago called  ‘Your Body is a Machine”. This was actually my introduction to the Good Natured and I was instantaneously hooked. Her lyrics about a broken heart are both relatable and youthfully poignant and her melodies are just killer:

There’s undeniably a haunting-like quality to Sarah McIntosh and the music of the Good Natured; her lyrics tend to lean more on the darkish side. But just as I am seconds of away from being totally creeped/spooked out she cleverly has a way of flipping her eerie verses into the perfect upbeat synth-pop hook (which almost comes out of nowhere) that makes me forget the peculiar path she was previously heading down. I so dig it.

Every song currently on her Myspace page all fall under the ‘interesting and different’ umbrella but she just has a voice that simply must be heard. The Good Natured is set to release her next single  “Kingdom” in July (which is not currently available for legal download but managed to make its way onto Youtube anyway) and it will be the perfect way for listeners to grasp the severe tightness of her vocal arrangements (plus you can hear her British accent when she sings which I think is so cute). Look for her full album to drop at the end of the year or early next year. So if your experimental ear is twitching for some next level ish from overseas, then this is the girl you should definitely peep out now.


Artist Name: Sarah McIntosh aka The Good Natured

Hailing From: The United Kingdom

Genre: Electro, Pop-Synth

Sounds Like: A light mix of Kate Nash, Imogene Heap and Lily Allen

Label: Unsigned


Nuggets of Hotness: “Kingdom”, “Red Skin”, “Your Body is a Machine” and “Tounge Tied”