Ya Boy Stone is in a Chiddy Bang Video


Check for me at 0:52…

So most of y’all know the story behind this, but for those who don’t here is the deal:

I was driving back to my grandma’s house after a night out when I was in Philly. After crossing the bridge onto Spring Garden street, I see this Chiddy Bang logo projected onto a random building. At that time I just thought it was an afterparty of some sorts so I parked my car and walked over to check it out.

Turns out, they were filming the video above. They told me the concept and asked if I would like to be a part of the vid. Naturally I was down. Even though I was tired and a tad tipsy (it was 2:30 in the morning by that point) I did about 5 takes of me walking down the street and of course they used none of them. It’s all good however, at least I have something to tell my future kids. After I pulled away…..the cops showed up!

Beyond my 2 seconds of fame, the video is great, and the concept is executed beautifully. Actually this might be one of the coolest videos I’ve seen this year, and I’m glad to see some US artists rhyming over Tinie Tempah’s Pass Out, aka the best beat of 2010. Download their Air Swell Mixtape when you get a chance.