Esthero: Lounge (in her words)

So I’m an avid reader of Esthero’s blog and she recently posted an article titled “A glimpse into the mind of a 17 yr old girl”, which was a response to a question a fan asked regarding the lyrics to her song “Lounge”  (off her ultra awesome debut album Breath From Another). The fan was questioning the lyrics he or she found online because they seemed to be a little odd  – so they wanted to know  what the song actually meant. I too have gone looking for the the lyrics to this song because it was definitely one of my favorites, so I’m  was pretty cised that Esthero was cool enough to provide the actual lyrics and an explanation as to what the song really means. Check it all out below. And for your listening pleasure I also inlcuded the song itself -because even a decade later it is still  just oh-so-nice.

Esthero – 08 Lounge

[audio:|titles=08 Lounge]

Lounge (lyrics)

sweet caress and tender mouth

kissed her breast and then he fell

40 days and holy nights before the stand

said that she would always be ‘the man’ until she found herself

you can’t stop her now

peace within her heart she’d seek (and you know she will find it, she’s not too far behind it)

searching for her sweet relief

broke the glass and stung the face that she denied

tore the dress she wore that night….into the fire and there she found herself

if he could see his way to daylight

if he could see his way

you can’t stop her now, you can’t you can’t you can’t stop her now

speak softer love

in my love

speak softer love

speak soft of love

Word From Esthero:

Here’s the deal: I have NO CLUE what i wrote that about. Music is very visual to me. I hear the music, i see a scene in my mind, sometimes clear, sometimes blurry. With this song the first thing i envisioned was a woman on a bed in a very nice place. I guessed/felt like/sensed she was in a relationship with tons of finery and things, a rich man, but she was unhappy. There was a darkness around her. There were secrets, and a longing. I doubt the relationship was violent, but more that she didn’t quite know who she was yet, and though she loved this man there was a desire for freedom. I envisioned a wine glass breaking, a fireplace. I imagine this man loved her but knew he had to let her go, the push and pull of encouraging her to grow but wanting to keep her for his own.  I don’t know who they are. I think parts of her might have been me, maybe even a potential future me – she was older than i at the time and i sensed sophistication. And parts of the man might have been an old love of mine, but i don’t really know for sure. A lot of my writing at that time was phonetic, it was emotional too, but i never really tried to make sense of it, i just let the words come and be what they were. As long as they tasted good and sounded right when i sang them then it worked for me.

I’m not sure how much this helped, but the good news at the end of the day is this beautiful cliche: “it means whatever you want/need it to mean”. xo e

– side note:

When i say i’m visual i mean it. And i believe in the collective unconscious.  I met a woman years ago – who has since become a friend, who upon meeting me told me she was a painter, and often painted while listening to my album. She said she painted ’superheroes’ and that it was her favourite song. She showed me the painting and my mouth dropped open, i froze up i was so blown away and then I told her  ”I know you THINK you painted superheroes, but this is EXACTLY what i saw in my head while writing ‘lounge’”. No lie. Like, from my exact perspective and everything. It was a trip.

Lounge is the song right before superheroes. The collective creative mind is very real.

Hope you found this interesting.