VIDEO: Just Blaze – What Happened to the Remix?

You will find me time and time again lamenting the remix. Back in the day you would not only have your standard A side, but two or three remixes as well as an instrumental. At some point you would even have a few house or (in the UK) drum and bass remixes thrown in there.

While the art of remixing thrives in the EDM community, it has been noticeably absent in hip-hop, replaced by the posse cut–the same beat just more rappers. But before you blame Puffy, Just Blaze says that the real blame lies in the Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems spin generator.

Essentially, in this digtal age, radio stations count spins by computer, and according to Blaze “if you change the beat, the computers that run BDS don’t pick it up as the same song.” (via SoulCulture)