VIDEO: Finding the Perfect Beat

Finding that perfect beat or break is like taking a slice of history–that moment in time–and giving it new life. Think of all of the great hip-hop samples that you know of, and how you rushed out to buy (or at least search out on YouTube) the source material. And to think did DC band The Winstons ever thing that their “Amen break” would be the basis of hip-hop, techno AND drum and bass?

Last Saturday, we were at Listen Vision studios finishing up a track that I’m producing with local singer-songwriter Beau Tand. Now, most people might not know this dude, but he is a master sampler that knows little or nothing about hip-hop. It’s mind boggling, I know but I truly feel like he’s DC’s answer to Portishead’s Geoff Barrow.

The video below might not be entertainment to most of you, but watching this dude work was joy to my eyes and ears. Also, check for the song, “Top of The Morning,” dropping soon: