Video: Empire of the Sun- Half Mast

by whitnass

I think I’m entitled to a late pass on this considering the day this video was released, I was roaming around 6th St in Austin somewhere. To be honest, I was actually quite surprised they released another video this year considering the album was put out in 2008. Nevertheless, I’m definitely not complaining about a new Empire of the Sun video. In usual Luke Steele fashion, the video is outlandish and eccentric, this time, against the backdrop of New York City. This is probably quite fitting considering in August they are about to make their first North American appearances with dates in LA, NYC and Toronto (see below for dates) in addition to Lollapalooza.

North American Dates

Chicago- Lollapalooza, August 6-8

Toronto, ON Sound Academy, August 8

New York, NY Terminal 5, August 9

Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda Theatre, August 11


  • Stone

    So are they back together as a duo now??? I heard at one point they broke up (hence why there is only one of them in the video).

    • whitnass

      It’s all a bit up in the air. Read a few interviews with Luke and he said he hasn’t seen Nick in a year but that he is sticking to the studio stuff and not touring with him in the US.

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