UK Tings: Plan B

To be honest, I really don’t know what to make of Plan B. On one end you have a rather accomplished blue eyed soul singer. On the other, you have a rather dirty rapper who’s rhymes about rape, drugs, murder and sex would make Eminem do a double-take.

His album, The Defamation of Strickland Banks, which is currently #1 on the UK pop charts, is an interesting concept. It follows a white soul singer (Strickland Banks) who enters a one night stand with a woman who accuses him of rape after he rejects her advances. The result is an album which marks the decline of said singer, from fame to the halls of jail.

Even though Plan B has done everything from grime to dubstep and acoustic hip-hop, his latest album is a departure in the other direction. Does it work? Yes.

The one off concept album is proving successful for the artist, but what really connected me to Plan B was his first album, Who Needs Actions When You Got Words, released in 2006. It’s take on acoustic hip-hop has won it critical acclaim from the Guardian and Rolling Stone. The tracks like “Sick 2 Def,” are filled with violent imagery of murder, rape, and everything in between.

So is this dude a rapper or a singer? Only time will tell. He says that Strickland Banks is a one off concept album, and that he plans to go back to hip-hop for his third project. The move is not without controversy, and people ponder if going back to underground hip-hop is worth it after becoming a national star.

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